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Scar Treatments In LOS GATOS, CA

Scar Treatments In LOS GATOS, CA

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Embrace an Unblemished Future

Scar treatments with the ProFractional laser are a high-tech and effective way to rid your complexion of unsightly scarring. Scars are an unfortunate side effect of life. However, you shouldn’t have to live with bulging, scaley scars that mar your otherwise clear, beautiful complexion. You can live life unmarred by the past because Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. has a variety of lasers available that can effectively improve the appearance of scars.

Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology is nestled in the resplendent valleys of Los Gatos, California. We serve the skincare needs of Silicon Valley with the latest and greatest dermatological tech. Call (408) 358-5757 and schedule a consultation to learn more about our amazing laser procedures by Dr. Bitter!


Scars are caused by an overproduction or underproduction of collagen during the healing process. The ProFractional laser breaks down the existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. The new collagen helps to heal existing wounds more evenly, improving their appearance.


Dr. Bitter is an expert with Sciton’s ProFractional laser. Wielding the laser with ease, he will remove your scars and smooth your skin. Many patients see “permanent” scars become lessened significantly (and possibly erased) depending on their severity. 

It’s amazing the beauty that lasers will unleash within you. Read Dr. Bitter’s blog and see the light.

Benefits of Laser Scar Treatments

Imagine leaving the enduring marks of the past behind so that you can embrace a bright new future! Laser scar treatments will smooth and brighten your skin. Dr. Bitter will erase those old unwanted reminders of days gone by with cleansing laser light.  

Read our patients’ glowing reviews and see what our team can do for you!


When scars develop, they may take on a number of appearances. Some scars are more raised and fleshy while others are thinner and long. They also occur in a wide variety of colors ranging from white to pink, red, and purple. Laser scar treatments will help ameliorate the appearance of a scar, reducing its visibility.


Laser scar treatments can help smooth your skin’s complexion and create a more even skin tone.

By reducing the visibility of scars, you can gain a noticeable improvement in your complexion. For many people, scars can be the source of extreme anxiety, especially when they occur in highly visible areas, such as the face. It can be difficult to hide certain scars using clothing or makeup.


When your skin doesn’t appear as bright and healthy as it should, you can begin to feel uncomfortable in your own body. By restoring your clear complexion, you can once again feel secure and confident with your appearance. Increased confidence and self-esteem often positively impact other aspects of your life because you are happier and more outgoing.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Scar Treatments over Other Scar Treatments?

Increased comfort

Shorter recovery periods

Customized results

Consistent results

What Type of Scars Can Lasers Treat?

Laser treatment can effectively improve the appearance of nearly all scars, regardless of the type of scar or how old it is. The ProFractional laser from Sciton is just one of many tools that Dr. Bitter has available to treat scars. These treatments have been proven to reduce nearly all scars, no matter what their age. For most scars, the sooner they are treated, the faster they will disappear, and the better the results will be. Sciton’s innovative BroadBand Light (BBL) laser can effectively treat scars in as few as two weeks after surgery.  BroadBand Light is the latest advancement in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. BBL can improve the appearance of a scar in a little as one week.





Your Private Consultation With Dr. Bitter

Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. is a world-class expert in aesthetic lasers. He is a doctor who trains other doctors to bend light and illuminate a more youthful version of you

After a brief physical examination and a review of your medical records, Dr. Bitter will assess your candidacy for our scar treatment procedure. Schedule your consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology today by calling (408) 358-5757. 


If you are eligible for laser scar removal, then Dr. Bitter shall inform you of your personalized preparation instructions. Your customized prep is tailored to your needs and designed to encourage the very best results.