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Flawless Facial In LOS GATOS, CA

Flawless Facial In LOS GATOS, CA

Our Flawless facial uses revolutionary technology that delivers more power than traditional BBL, resulting in more effective laser skin resurfacing treatment. This Signature treatment, performed by Dr. Bitters, is designed to be used on larger areas of the chest and body so that treatment time can be shortened and results can be improved.


Most patients can have a Flawless facial at Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology. One of its main benefits is that it can fix a variety of skin conditions, whether they are epidermal (texture) or dermal (pigment). The best candidates for this facial treatment are those with unwanted brown spots or pigmentation on their skin caused by years of exposure to the sun.

Patients seeking to reverse signs of sun damage and premature aging on their chest, arms, legs, and back can benefit from a Flawless facial if their results from other BBL treatments have plateaued.

  • Stimulates collagen to reduce signs of aging.
  • Lightens freckles and age spots.
  • Fades small blood vessels and rosacea.
  • Improves acne.
  • Corrects sun damage.
  • Tightens skin.
  • And much more.


There is little to no downtime with Flawless Facial treatments due to its higher energy output than regular BBL.

There may be some redness and darkening of pigment in the treated area after undergoing a Flawless Facial treatment. Any redness should subside within an hour or two, but pigmented lesions will darken and disappear within 7-14 days.

It is common for patients to notice an improvement in their skin’s clarity, tone, and texture within 3 to 4 weeks after treatment.

Dr. Bitters recommends that you undergo at least four treatments over a 12-month period (1 every three months) or 2 to 3 treatments (1 every four months) to reverse sun damage and produce more collagen and elastin.

The treatment series should be repeated annually for best results.

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