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Finding the Fountain of Youth:
How Light Keeps Your Skin Glowing with Dr Bitter

Dr. Bitters shares his keys to Anti-aging and staying young and healthy in this latest interview with Melissa Ferguson of A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging)


TOP DOCTOR magazine, known for connecting innovative doctors with innovative solutions in the medical field named Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, pioneer, educator, and world-renowned expert in energy-based skin solutions as the cover story in the latest March issue. Dr. Bitter‘s discovery for pulsed light and its usefulness, effectiveness, and versatility in treating a multitude of skin problems, as well as delaying skin aging, maintaining healthy skin, as an adjunct to a cosmetic surgical practice in the treatment of post-surgical scars.

Top Doctor recounts how Dr. Bitter discovered the Fountain of Youth that Ponce de Leon failed to find 500 years ago, and how the use of broadband light has been long known to provide patients with visible reduction in signs of aging and an increase in more youthful skin. New innovative technology cements broadband light as a mainstay in aesthetic medicine, with BBL Hero, practically and successfully treating large areas of the body in a single setting.

This illuminating article can be viewed online at Top Doctor Magazine (link TBA) and on Dr. Bitter’s website and via social media accounts @patrickbittrjrmd

About Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr:

Patrick Bitter Jr. MD is a Board Certified Dermatologist, CEO, and founder of Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology in Los Gatos California. Dr. Bitter is regarded as the pioneer in the use of pulsed light technology for skin rejuvenation. He developed and introduced the acclaimed Fotofacial procedure using IPL for skin rejuvenation in 1997. Dr. Bitter has trained over 9,000 physicians worldwide in his techniques and innovative applications of pulsed light and is a key opinion leader for Sciton, Inc.

Dr. Patrick Bitter MD | Dermatologist in Los Gatos, CA

Dr. Bitter will be the featured KOL at Sciton’s Rockstars of Aesthetics LIVE TOUR

Sciton Preceptorship Training in Los Gatos, CA | Patrick Bitter JR MD

8 Procedures Doctors Say Everyone’s Requesting for Post-Lockdown Rejuvenation

Dr. Bitter recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by RealSelf. Here is an except from that interview:

Consider this photofacial treatment a souped-up version of traditional IPL. “It delivers up to four flashes of light per second, compared to the one flash per second you get with most standard IPL devices,” explains Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr., a board-certified dermatologist in Los Gatos, California.

Sciton’s BBL HERO Wins 2021 NewBeauty Magazine Choice Award | MedEsthetics

We are thrilled to announce that the treatment that Dr. Bitter uses every day in his office, The Photo Facial  with BBL Hero, has won the New Beauty award for Sciton.

“[With Sciton’s Broadband Light technology], we can now create smoother, healthier, younger looking skin with no downtime.”

— Dr. Bitter

BBL Hero is the newest innovation that provides four times the speed, two times the cooling, and a more comfortable treatment with faster results for patients.

The Power of the Pulse: 6 Reasons Why Pulse Count Matters with BBL HERO

Patrick Bitter Jr, MD on Extreme Makeover

Dr. Bitter trains the top Russian aesthetic doctors in Moscow with Unique Medical Aesthetic & Sciton.

Read what Dr. Bitter wrote in Facial Plastic Surgery
Clinics of North America on Broad Band Light & Skin Rejuvenation.

Illumination can guide us out of the darkness and into a more enlightened age. In fact, the light bulb has become synonymous with innovation and discovery. The same can be said for BroadBand Light (BBL), a procedure that has evolved remarkably over the past 25 years. BBL targets blemishes and highlights the radiant skin below.

Dr. Patrick Bitter sheds new light on the benefits of pulsed light therapy in his latest fascinating foray into the applications of BroadBand treatment. He offers insights for practitioners offering BBL to their patients. The following article provides invaluable data to shine a spotlight on the right ways to rejuvenate and replenish clients’ skin.

BBL BroadBand Light (FotoFacial)

Dr. Bitter discusses this incredible technology’s ability to turn back the clock and reverse the signs of aging.

Sciton Halo

Sciton SkinTyte

IMCAS Annual World Congress 2015 in Paris

Distinguished Faculty of the AACD Los Angeles 2018

Dr. Bitter is honored to be included in the distinguished multi-specialty faculty of the Advanced Aesthetics & Cosmetic Dermatology’s AACD 2018 Annual Meeting in Marina Del Rey, California January 19-21, 2018. The AACD is recognized for its scientific and academic leadership, and its faculty members are recognized as established leaders within their specialty.

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