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FotoFacial Clear In LOS GATOS, CA

FotoFacial Clear In LOS GATOS, CA

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It’s time to toss out all those harsh creams, painful scrubs, and medications, which only damage and dry out the skin.

FotoFacial® Clear™ eliminates acne from the inside-out. This revolutionary acne treatment was developed and is available exclusively at the offices of Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.,


When it comes to acne and acne scarring, there seems to be no means to an end. Even with medication and scrubs, achieving clear skin always seems to be a constant challenge for most acne sufferers. However, thanks to the latest innovations in broadband light (BBL) technology and world-renowned IPL expert Patrick Bitter, Jr., the solution to acne and acne scars is now available. FotoFacial Clear, pioneered by Dr. Bitter, provides acne patients with clear, beautiful skin.

Dr. Bitter has been asked to speak and lecture at multiple Sciton Summits.


The BroadBand Light used in TurboFacial offers a low-impact alternative to ablative laser treatments. The versatile BBL device is virtually painless and requires no post-procedural downtime. When applied to the target areas on your skin, the technology provides high energy rapid output that diminishes the site of many age-related skin irregularities. Conditions TurboFacial can treat are:

Acne breakouts

Cystic acne

Pimples and zits


Acne scars

Hormonal acne

Facial redness caused by acne


This fast, safe, three-step treatment program clears acne and acne scarring without the use of drugs or medications. Many patients can expect to see nearly 80 to 100 percent overall elimination of active inflamed acne and acne scars.

FotoFacial Clear uses BBL technology to fight acne by going underneath the skin to kill the bacteria that causes acne.

The FotoFacial Clear treatment program requires six to eight weekly BBL treatments, depending on each patient’s individual needs. Treatments are quick and safe, and each session only lasts about 15 minutes and requires no downtime.


Within days, patients will notice a reduction in the appearance of acne and acne scars as well as gradual fading of facial redness throughout the first week of treatment.

After FotoFacial Clear sessions are complete, patients can expect clear skin and significant improvements in their complexion.

After all treatments have been performed and the desired results have been achieved, patients can maintain their newfound clear skin with follow-up treatments every three months.

You deserve to have healthy, clear skin! If you or anyone you know suffers from acne or acne scars, please contact the office of Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., Call our office at (408) 358-5757 to schedule your consultation, or fill out our online contact form for more information.

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