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Introducing a new, painless treatment for men to enhance their sexual wellness.


The Man UP!™ procedure uses safe light waves to gently heat a man’s private areas. The effect of this special light energy is to stimulate improved circulation to a man’s penis and surrounding genital skin. The treatment takes about fifteen minutes, feels like a warm massage, has no downtime, and requires no anesthesia.


The Man UP! procedure was developed and tested by world-renowned expert in light-based technology, Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D. Dr. Bitter has over twenty years of experience in using light to treat the skin, and he has personally performed over thirty-six thousand treatments. Dr. Bitter is best known for having pioneered the highly popular FotoFacial treatment, which has revolutionized the way doctors treat skin.

According to Dr. Bitter, the Man UP! procedure makes complete sense since Dr. Bitter, along with a co-investigator, have observed remarkable benefits for women when the same light-based technology has been used to treat the external female genital area. Women who have received light-based treatment for vaginal rejuvenation report increased vaginal lubrication, a tighter vaginal opening, enhanced pleasure during intercourse, and greater ease of achieving orgasm.

“I have used light-based technology for over twenty years on nearly every part of the body to rejuvenate, tighten, and smooth skin on thousands of people. There is very good evidence now that light-based treatments make skin healthier and slow aging. With the remarkable benefits for women when light-based technology is used to treat their outer genital skin, it was only natural and a matter of time before this same technology would be used to treat the genital area of men.”

Patrick Bitter Jr., M.D.

The results in men have been astounding!

Currently, only healthy men have been treated; however, according to Dr. Bitter, his Man UP!™ procedure holds promise to help many men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Bitter says that “the Man UP! procedure is painless, quick, and has no downtime and virtually no risk.” Dr. Bitter does caution that the Man UP! procedure uses a specific technique with light-based technology, which he developed, and similar results may not be obtained by other techniques or treatments that do not use this same light-based technology.

The Man UP! treatment uses light-based technology.


A larger penis

Harder and bigger erections

Increased sensation with intercourse

More powerful ejaculations

Increased pleasure and satisfaction for their partners


While Dr. Bitter plans to begin training doctors in the Man UP!™ procedure as he is doing for the analogous light-based treatment for women, this procedure is currently only available at his clinic and offices in Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills. Benefits of the Man UP! procedure are seen with the first treatment but become enhanced with one or two additional treatments. Results vary and appear to last for up to six months so far.

Man UP!™, Man Up!™, and Man uP!™ are trademarks of Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D.  For any questions or licensing request please contact Dr. Bitter at [email protected] or call us our office at 408-358-5757.

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