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Moxi Laser In LOS GATOS, CA

Moxi Laser In LOS GATOS, CA

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The Moxi laser is Sciton’s newest fractional laser designed to achieve a radiant glow for all skin types. Moxi represents the latest advancement in Sciton’s laser resurfacing platform that helps regenerate the skin.

Gentle Touch, Glowing Skin

Our skin is on the frontlines of our battle against time. The first signs of aging appear on our skin. Damage from excessive exposure to the sun (photodamage or sun damage) can also age our skin prematurely. In our struggle to retain a youthful glow, the Moxi laser provides us a powerful tool to aid us in skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Bitter never stays complacent. As a verified expert in light and laser treatments, Sciton retains Dr. Bitter to develop the protocols for their new Moxi treatments before they were released for the general population. Dr. Bitter has already refined his use of the Moxi laser to rejuvenate the skin, guard against aging, and restore a youthful, brilliant complexion. To request your consultation, call our Los Gatos office at (408) 358-5757 or complete our online contact form. Stay updated on the latest laser and light news by following our blog.

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., a board-certified dermatologist, has performed approximately 40,000 treatments using lasers and light in his years of practicing medicine.

About the Moxi Laser in Silicon Valley

Whether we want to maintain healthy skin or restore our youthful radiance, we want to use every tool available to us. Moxi provides a valuable new entry into the field of laser resurfacing. The Moxi is a 1,927-nanometer thulium laser developed specifically to treat uneven pigmentation and heal photodamaged skin with minimal downtime.


Laser resurfacing is a means of repairing sun-damaged skin, correcting blemishes, improving skin tone, and increasing skin elasticity. Laser resurfacing can be fine-tuned to correct a number of different issues. 

Laser resurfacing can correct problematic areas of blemishes or scarring and also help to regenerate the skin by expediting collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are important proteins that supply the support structure that is essential for healthy and radiant skin. As we age or the sun damages our skin, that support structure weakens. Laser resurfacing promotes the production of collagen and elastin to rebuild that extracellular matrix that lies under the surface of our skin.

Some laser resurfacing devices are intense and come with extended downtime. However, the Moxi was created for gentle application that causes little discomfort and comes with little or no downtime.


Fractional lasers disperse the laser into thousands of tiny beams to cover the treatment area. Fractional lasers, like the Moxi, provide a very precise method for treatment that directly addresses skin issues for all skin types.  


The Moxi laser offers a versatile range of benefits. It functions great as part of a skin rejuvenation plan and it’s also effective for “pre-juvenation”, patients that wish to ensure proactive skin maintenance before the visible signs of aging become apparent.

Improve skin texture and skin tone

Balance uneven pigmentation

Little to no downtime

Repairs sun-damaged skin

Safe for all skin types

Available year-round


Moxi is designed for patients who are just beginning their skin rejuvenation journey or for patients that don’t want the extended downtime associated with other treatments. The Moxi can be used in isolation, or it can be integrated into a long-term skin rejuvenation plan that also utilizes other laser and light therapies. Candidates should not have an active acne breakout for treatment. If this is the case, you should call the office and postpone treatment until it’s healthy to undergo Moxi treatment.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Bitter combines a dedication to health (he competes in triathlons) with unparalleled knowledge of laser and light therapies. Halo’s manufacturer, Sciton, sought out Dr. Bitter to advise on their development of new laser and light treatment devices. In 2018, voters at the MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awardsvoted him the Male Dermatologist of the Year.

Dr. Bitter’s philosophy focuses on leveraging the body’s natural inclination to maintain a healthy, balanced state. A desire to focus on health and wellness, not just treating the symptoms of a disease with drugs, attracted him to his specialization. What motivates Dr. Bitter is supporting his patients to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.

It’s important to feel comfortable discussing your medical history and skincare goals. Dr. Bitter welcomes new patients and loves discussions about laser and light treatments. He specializes in dermatology treatments because he appreciates the look on his patients’ faces when they achieve their goals. Surgeons that operate mostly on unconscious patients might not have that personable quality that makes it comfortable for patients to discuss their medical history, concerns, and goals. With Dr. Bitter, you aren’t just receiving care from an undisputed expert on laser treatments, but also from an understanding and compassionate soul that deeply cares about his patients.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Bitter to learn if laser resurfacing is right for you. You can reach his Los Gatos office by calling (408) 358-5757.

Careful Preparation

For four weeks before your scheduled Moxi session, you should avoid tanning and any excessive sun exposure. When you venture out under the sun, make sure to use high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen for maximum protection. You always want to make sure you provide your skin the maximum protection. Some sun exposure to the sun is healthy, for vitamin D for instance, but spending too much time under the sun can result in photodamaged skin. 

You also want to avoid facial peels in the four weeks before your session. The peels to avoid include chemical peels and dermabrasion. Before a laser session, you don’t want your skin already raw and recovering from a peel treatment.

Lunchtime Procedure

Moxi qualifies as a “lunchtime procedure”. It can be performed in about 30 minutes and doesn’t come with significant downtime. When you come in for treatment, we will thoroughly clean your skin in the treatment area. You will be given special goggles to protect your eyes during treatment. Then, if necessary, we will apply a topical numbing cream to the area. Not all patients need the numbing cream but we supply it if requested.

Your technician will then gently roll the laser’s tip over the treatment area on your face, neck, and other designated areas. After the laser has accomplished its mission, your clinician will apply a topical healing cream or balm to soothe your skin and begin the healing process.

Rapid Recovery

Patients should be happy to learn the Moxi requires no extended or special recovery. For a few hours after the treatment, expect some pinkness or mild swelling but these effects should resolve in a few hours. For the next 24 hours after your session, we advise patients to avoid using make-up, sunscreen, or other topical treatments on the treated areas. For 5-7 days after your session, you should avoid Retin-A and other retinol products. For a few days, the skin on the treated area might feel rough as your body regenerates new, healthy skin. After a week, you’ll begin to see your full results emerge.

Radiant Results

The Moxi laser brings you proven facial rejuvenation without the downtime and higher cost of other treatments. One study found the 1,927 nm thulium laser design effective and safe for Asian skin types. Another found that in patients with extensive photodamage on the scalp, laser treatments resulted in 60-90% improvements in “dyspigmentation, lentigines, and keratosis.” Yet another study examined patients with décolleté photodamage and found treatments to be very effective at improving skin appearance and regenerating the damaged tissue.

Complementary Procedures

Due to its light touch, Moxi can be incorporated into an anti-aging plan that effectively combines other light treatments. BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments synergize greatly with the Moxi fractional laser. Broadband light treatments work in similar ways to non-ablative lasers. They both heat the deeper skin layers to initiate fresh collagen and elastin production to the area which stimulates the body’s natural healing process. BBL works well at repairing rosacea, resolving red spots, and improving skin texture. Together, laser and light therapy form a cohesive strategy at reversing and delaying the effects of aging on our skin.

Moxi treatments can vary in price depending on location and the specific treatment plan. Some patients might only require a short session while others might undergo a more comprehensive treatment. You will be provided with transparent pricing during your consultation.


Patients can expect minor redness for a few hours following the procedure. It’s also normal for your skin to feel rough like sandpaper for a few days while your skin heals. In more rare cases, treatment might activate herpes. If you have a history of outbreaks, mention that during your consultation. Dr. Bitter can prescribe or recommend medication to protect against an outbreak.

Moxi is a fractionated 1927 nm, thulium laser 
It’s beam profile is:
Diameter: 200 um (micron or micrometer)
Penetration depth: 200 um
110 volts/20-amp

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